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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"He tried to flush her, but she floated back up!"

Dear family,

this week's emails were epic. i haven't heard from beau in about a month and a half, so i had no idea that there is a little mini me running around ghana!!! that is so funny. chelsie's email was really funny too. i knew that it would be an amazing experience for her, but it would also be extremely difficult. she's doing well though.

as far as the work goes this week, it's been a little bit rough. we had a huge teaching pool, but no body was progressing and so Elder Kartchner and i did some serious weeding and ended up dropping 12 people. it's really hard when you do all that you possibly can to help people receive a witness, but they use their agency not to. someday, hopefully, they will. Since we had to drop so many people, we've been doing a lot of finding... with little success. on monday we spent almost the whole day out gate knocking in the million+ degree weather. we taught a ton of people, but how many of them turned out to be new investigators?? KOSONG (zero)! it was a rough day. but we had an amazing training by the zone leaders yesterday about how we need to work smarter, and i realized that's what i've been lacking as a missionary. i work my buns off, but it's a lot more important to work smart. we need to use a lot more members in the work! so we've started doing something new. we are calling members every night and challenging them to give a one referral in the next two weeks. we'll also be setting up one night a week to go over to member's houses (we NEVER get invited over to members houses here) and teach them how to teach. i don't care if we have to bring a bloody battering ram, but we are going to get into these members' houses and get the work going here.

training is a bit more difficult than i thought. elder kartchner is definitely not elder palfreyman; we don't have all that much in common. but everything is going well and he is progressing a lot. it's really cool to see his my style of teaching reflected in his teaching. he's going to be really good.

so, if you could possibly send some insoles in your next package, that would be fantastic. my feet haven't stopped killing me since day one. that can't be good. you'd think that they would just buck-up and get used to the beating, but they haven't. i wake up every morning and get white flashes of pain when i stand up. i can deal with it fine, but some Dr. Scholls would be heaven.

that's crazy about the whole russia thing. it sounds a lot like what's going on here. hopefully they don't start making us go back to the states to renew our visas...tell whitney i'm really sorry she didn't get her package. that thing was so sweet =( and it cost me a bloody arm and a leg to send it too. the malaysian post is the bane of my existance! i've only gotten about half of the stuff that's been sent to me. i did get both packages that you sent though. i'm much enjoying the beef jerky and i think i'll have enough deodorant to last through the millennium. thank you muchly.

Emily smith is getting married. i'm sure all the men in provo will be wearing black for weeks. but it's to kelly bills, so no complaint there. he's a stud.

i can't really think of anything else. oh yeah, zone conference is next week so pday will be on monday (that's sunday there) so if you could get the emails off on saturday, that would probably be best.

i love you all. tell everyone hello for me. stay safe.

Elder Troxel

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