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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


hello family,

singapore is a lot hotter than i remember it being. but it's awesome. i got here yesterday at about 1:00. the situation in this mission is really weird with the visa runs and things because they will often times send you alone, which is what happened to me. it was really strange being by myself. i haven't been alone in 6 months! i felt like i was breaking the rules. but i got to teach some good lesson while traveling and get some referrals for the singapore elders.

i'm glad to hear that mom is progressing. slowly but surely. there's a saying in malay: sikit sikit, lama lama, jadi bukit... which means little little, long long, big hill. i don't know, it doesn't really make very much sense, but neither does anything in malaysia.

it was also good to hear from TJ. i'm really pumped to have another nephew. that kid is going to be so michael and emily are serious? that's pretty sweet. emily is awesome. i give them my blessing.

so guess what we're going to go do after emailing?! we're going to go play football! and not this malaysian football nonsense, but real american football! when i say that elder griffin had one last night i wanted to cry. it's so beautiful. i can't wait. we're going to the beach to play on the sand, and then we're going to carl's JR. i love singapore!

the work in our area is going really well. mom asked about how things are in our companionship, and things are ok. we're having a lot of success together, and that's really all that i care about. i like to get things moving, but some people aren't quite as motivated.

anywho, i've gotta run. we're leaving to play right now. i love you all. i'm still alive. the mission is awesome.

elder troxel

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