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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Emergency Transfer

dear family,

i didn't think that we were going to be able to email today because it is Hari Raya here. what exactly are they celebrating, you ask? who knows. when you translate "hari raya" into english, the direct translation is something like "the day of special day." i think it probably has a lot to do with the end of rhamadan, which is the muslim month of fasting. but there hasn't been mail at all this week, and there won't be for the rest of the week, which is really poopy because our quarterly supplies from church headquarters are supposed to be coming in this week, and we have almost nothing to give out. fortunately Elder Kartchner was able to grab some supplies in singapore this last week.

it's good to hear that the t-birds put a whoopin on mountainview. i remember those days... if you get to see kevin again soon, get his address. i'd like to write him and see how he's doing.

there's a recent convert of ours who's name is Thenmoli. she's sixteen and she's amazing! she'll be and incredible missionary. anywho, she told me i looked like i was five months pregnant last night... time to diet. i've been working out really hard twice a day, but i continue to get fatter. oh well, you can still be fast and be fat... just look at dad. haha, i'm sorry dad, i'm just lashing out irrationally now.

we had two baptisms last week, and this week we've got two more... well i hope two more anyway. we heard a rumor that one of the guys who is supposed to be getting baptized on saturday is still smoking, even though he told us he's stopped. we'll see. but just so you can get an idea of how broad of a scope of people we teach here, our two baptisms last week were for a nigerian and a nepali, and the two this week are for a sri lankan and a pakistani. what the hey? where are the malaysians? oh yeah, they're all muslim. in all seriousness, i think i've probably met someone from almost every country in the world here. it's crazy. we teach so many different kinds of people here. i love it.

oh, about the title. i'm just kidding. i'm not getting transferred! but i am going up to penang next week to get my visa extended. that should be fun.

well, the work here continues to go swimmingly. Heavenly Father is preparing so many people to learn here! we've got 13 people on date for baptism right now, and we're setting three or four more every week. and word on the street is that we'll be here for awhile (knock on wood).

i love you all. take care. be good.

Elder troxel

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Chelsie Osborn said...

OK I thought I would tell you what "hari raya" is! I usually would not know what this holiday is.... but everyone here is muslim, so they are celebrating it here in the Holy Land as well. Anyway, the past month has been Ramadan- so all of the Muslims have been fasting (this is fasting from food, drink, bad thoughts, smoking, and gossiping). They fast this the entire month, then they have the celebration of Hari Rava (what they call it in Malaysia) or the "Al- Fitr Feast" here in Israel. This is where they get with their families and eat and party for days! Last night they had fireworks going and all of the kids get lots of toys (which are toy guns around here :) This month is a holiday because this is the month that Mohammed received the Qu'ran. So- post offices are closed :( at least it is on both ends.... I am sure I will get by just fine :)

Ok- sorry I just expressed so much trivia... but at least I have learned SOMETHING over here. Like Jordan does not even know this. I will have to send him my last essay :)

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