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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

dear family,

mana kamu belajar bahasa? (where did you learn the language?) that was really weird seeing the title of that email and realizing it wasn't in english. it's good to hear about the games. Stupid BYU. i guess there's always next year. hopefully both byu and tcu get into bowl games. turns out the mountain west is a decent little conference... now we just need to get rid of the scrubbies like san diego state and wyoming. apa freak ini? (what the freak?) i went on exchanges yesterday with our district leader elder barlow. he went to utah. he's going home in three weeks so he was registering for classes and came across the score. at least timpview pulled one out. yeah baby. the only thing i get homesick about is football. if malaysia had real football, it would be amazing. but alas, i'm separated from my love.

so this week has been incredible here. we now have 29 people on date for baptism, we had 37 new investigators last week and twenty investigators came to sacrament meeting. that was the second highest investigators at sacrament meeting in the entire mission. who was first? elder gulbrandsen and elder semana... in the same branch. they had 22. we had a competition to see who could get the most and they just barely beat us. the chinese elders also brought 8 investigators so we had a total of 50 investigators at church this week. it was a mad house. our goal (for elder watkins and i) is to get 30 there this week and beat elder gulbrandsen and elder semana. it's fun to have little competitions like that, but the most important thing is that that is 20 people who are now progressing in the gospel. they're keeping commitments and preparing for baptism. that is amazing. there is nothing better than that.

so in answer to the questions:

1. (Mom wants to know if you were joking about the cobra? Keep us up to date on the other wildlife) yes, i was being serious about the baby cobra.

2. (Is there something that you need besides clothing?) hmmm... i need some delicious american treats. more specifically, at least a few cans of cheddar and bacon easy cheese and some club crackers. i wouldn't mind some more ties, i'm pretty sick of mine already. i don't really need anything though, just send me stuff that is delicious.

3. (We were wondering how soon before we see the next pictures from your camera?) well, i suppose i could try and mail some pictures today. i'm going to try and put them all on a cd, but i might just mail home my sd card again.

ps, did you get the calling cards i sent home? i found the ones you send me in the MTC, but they're only international calling from the US.

4. (One of the boxes that we are considering using for mail is 13x13x6. Will there be any issues with that being too large for the mail there?) that should be just fine.

5. (Who is it this pen pal that you have set your sister up with?) his name is elder semana.

so i think that's it. i'm still alive. i've also been battling a cold this last week mom, so i'm right there with you. everything is going really well, and hopefully i'll have good news that we beat the other elders in investigators at church next week. tell everybody i love them.

elder troxel

ps, i'll probably make my christmas call home christmas morning here (christmas eve there) so hopefully everyone will be there. if there will be a better time, let me know.

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