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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jordan gets his travel plans!

Jordan has received his travel plans. He will be leaving the MTC on February 25th and flying out of Salt Lake City on Delta Airlines at 7:35 PM and arriving in Los Angeles, LAX at 8:33 PM. He leaves LAX at 11:40 PM February 25th on EVA Airlines and arrives in Taipe, Taiwan at 6:45 AM on February 27th. He leaves Taipe, Taiwan at 7:40 AM on EVA Airlines and arrives in Singapore at 12:05 PM on February 27th. That is a lot of flying, hope he get some rest because that is some serious jet lag!

Jordan also sent home pictures from the MTC, these are the other missonaries travelling with Jordan to Singapore.

Sis. Russell, Elder Troxel, Elder Ogden, Elder Shipp
Elder Ogden is a cousin of one of Jordan's best friends Beau Healey who is serving in Ghana

This is a picture of his district which appear to be going to Singapore and Hawaii

Left to Right: Elder Shipp, Elder Ogden, Elder Troxel, Sis. Russell, Elder Mclaughlin, Elder Reed, Sis. Jeppsen, Sis. Grant, Elder Lamb. Jordan noted that Elder Lamb was from England and had a "sweet accent".

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