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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jordan Arrives in Singapore, new email address

Aloha family
From: Jordan Troxel (
Sent:Tue 2/26/08 11:28 PM (Singapore time 2/27/08 02:28 PM)

Woo Hoo! We made it! so this is going to be my email for the next two years. i guess i can't use gmail =( but it's ok, this is great! i burned my thumb just barely on a scolding hot frying pan of chicken, but other than that i am fantastic! it was great to get to talk to everybody yesterday or the day before or whenever it was. I'm all thrown off by the time change. Somehow we travelled through time and skipped tuesday. it's crazy to think that it's almost midnight in provo right now. the flight wasn't actually too bad. i bought myself one of those neck pillows and slept probably 11 of the 14 hours. I'm still kinda jet lagged though. I don't know anybody's email addresses so if you could send those to me, that would be great. I love you all! i'll write you again on pday whenever that happens to be.

Elder Troxel

ps- i don't know where exactly i've been asigned yet, but i do know it's not in singapore. that means it's in malaysia. hopefully west, because apparently nobody speaks english in east malaysia.

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Anak Iban! said...

hi! while googling for some stuff, finally i'm came cross to this blogspot & btw if ur posting @ placed in a right City @ town in east M'sia they do speak fluent english too. Kuching, Miri & Bintulu is crowd of tourist @ foreigners both in carrier @ study! We love to be discover as A Hidden Paradise Of Borneo... & further more, it's a safe Country to stay with fullcolour of culture & festival! enjoy ur stay!!

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