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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jordan is assigned to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but wait...

crazy first week!
From: Jordan Troxel (
Sent:Tue 3/04/08 9:27PM (Provo Time) 3/05/08 12:27PM (Singapore Time)

well, as you can see from the subject, this has been a crazy week. crazy, but freakin awesome! i'll start from the plane the plane ride was long, but i slept 11 of the 14 hours, so it wasn't all that bad. that's it for the plane ride.

when we got here, we met the senior office couple and the assistants to the president. they then took us back to the house so we could get unpacked and all that jazz. after that, they took us to get lunch as some pakistani place. we had some crazy shaved ice desert with corn and beans in it. apparently the natives love it... i downed it, but it was all i could do to keep it down. the APs thought it was pretty funny.

anywho, we stayed in singapore until for a couple days doing orientations and training and things and flew out to our new areas on friday. i was assigned to Kuala Lumpur (which i'm pretty sure is the biggest city in malaysia). My companion's name is elder palfreyman from laguna beach, CA. he is such a studd and he is extremely smart. he did a year at berkeley before he came in. not only is he very bright, but he can match me stride for stride in movie quoting! some might say he even surpasses me! needless to say, we get along great and we work really well together. he's only been out for about seven months so we're both pretty new. he's the district leader. there are only four elders in our district, and the other two our zone leaders (who also happen to be our roommates). they are hilarious! but they're really disciplined too. one of them (elder houston) fought in iraq for a year and a half before serving a mission, and the other (elder daines) went to the naval accademy. pretty dang awesome if you ask me.

now we can get down to the nitty gritty. We've been having a lot of success here in KL. the first night i was here we set two baptismal dates and we set another one on saturday! there are a ton of investigators who will have a baptism date very soon.with all this success, it's really pretty sad that we can't see it through... wait, what? yes, you heard me right. EMERGENCY TRANSFER!!! just when i was starting to get comfortable, elder palfreyman and i got news that we are being transfered to Khlang. for the sake of mom's nerves, i won't tell you why, but just know that the it's not safe in that area anymore for sisters, so they are taking them out of there. i'm really excited though. i think i broke the record for the fastest transfer ever. 5 days! but hopefully elder palfreyman and i can really do some good in a struggling area. it won't be easy, but we both are really hard workers. anywho, i'll send you my new address in my email next week, but for now just keep sending things to the mission office (if you send anything). i love you all! i'm doing fantastic! i pray for you everyday.

Love,elder troxel

ps-the blog rocks, i checked it out. keep it up.
pss- tell chelsie i'm sending her a letter in the morning, so she should expect one in a couple of weeks. love you chels =)

Notes from Dad: It apprears that you can google earth both Kuala Lumpur and Khlang, Malaysia. They are both north of Singapore in West Malaysia. Khlang apprears to be on some islands just west of Kuala Lumpur. There is a lot of detail when looking at Kuala Lumpur but not in the Khlang area.

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