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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Still Very Hot!

hello family!

this week has been really good. we've been working really hard and it's been awesome. we've been doing a lot of contacting lately because we really need to increase the teaching pool and get more investigators. our total number of new investigators for last week was 28! that is astronomically high. it feels like we're on the verge of an explosion here. We set some long term goals this morning for the next three months. We prayed about it and the numbers were pretty high, but if that's the number of the people that the Lord has been preparing then all we have to do is find them. But the work is going really well =)

yeah... about your clubs dad... i forgot to take them out of rittmanic's trunk before i left, so you may want to do that before he leaves on wednesday. my bad. the tv is gorgeous though. i was looking at the pictures and realized that i was drooling all over the keyboard. keep it in pristine condition for a couple of years because i plan on making good use of it in feb 2010.

there are a few addresses that i would very much appreciate if you could send me: Healey's, Cusick's (both their home and andrew's mission address), Frost's mission address, and Rittmanic's mission address. if you could get those to me eventually i would be very grateful.

it is still very rainy here. and when it's not raining, it's excruciatingly hot. i'll try and paint a picture of how nappy sweaty it is for you... so they keep the chapel pretty well air conditioned (by pretty well i mean it's only 1 million degrees in there instead of the 5 billion degrees outside), but they have these really uncomfortable plastic chairs that do not ventilate the rear end well at all, especially when you sit in them for over an hour. after sacrament meeting on sunday i stood up and turned around to grab my bag, and what did i find in my chair? there was a standing puddle of sweat in my chair! needless to say, i pretended that it wasn't me and booked it out of there before anyone noticed. now i know how TJ felt in Guatamala (feel free to send this paragraph to the healeys for the newsletter. i'm sure everyone will enjoy it)(just kidding, it's really gross.) .i learned the word for "fart" in malay the other day. it's ketut (keh-toot). how awesome is that?

PLEASE send me some packages with delicious goodies in them! i could kill someone for a twinkie! powdered jelly filled doughnuts will also be accepted, along with beef jerky and other delectable morsels. packages are supposed to go to the mission office i think, but mail you can send straight to my place. speaking of my place, i checked out the blog and that is my building! how on earth did you find those pictures? we live in the blue one so that's even the one i live in! yep, the 17th floor is a long way up, but thankfully we do have elevators. these condos are actually pretty nice... pretty nice when compared to other ones in malaysia. when compared to anywhere else they are disgusting. but i like them. i haven't gotten any diseases or anything yet, so i'm good.

so, crazy thing about asian culture. many people have moles on their face, and apparently it is like a sign of wisdom or beauty or something when you grow out your mole hair. it's so nappy! i really have to fight back my gag reflex sometimes. the moles i don't mind, but the hair is just too much. with some people it gets up to one or two inches! so gross. i hope you're reading this at sunday dinner...

well that's pretty much it. i love you all and pray for you every day! be good! stay safe.

love, elder troxel

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