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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ridzuan Condos-Space is Available!

With a little web search, I was able to find a sales ad from Malaysia with pictures of the condos where Jordan is staying. The pictures are not the best, but they will do until Jordan sends pictures home. They will look better with him standing out front. Mail can be sent directly to his apartment at this address:

Jordan Troxel (do not use the title "Elder")
No. RC1-1709 Blk A Pangsapuri
Ridzuan Condos
Jalan PJS 10/11 Bandar Sri Subang
H6000 Subang Jaya Selangor
West Malaysia

Mail can also be sent to the mission home, but we are not sure how often he will have the mail forwarded. The mission home address is:

Jordan Troxel (do not use the title "Elder")
253 Bukit Tmah Road
Singapore 259069

I know that he will appreciate any emails (, letters or packages you are able to send. He is not always able to reply personally but he will put things in his emails that we will publish here. I am just guessing but from Jordan's address it appears that he is staying tower one, it looks like there are three towers, (RC1 stand for Ridzuan Condos 1) and his apartment number is 1709 (possibly the 17th floor), there are at least 27 floors from the pictures. The street that the condos face is Jalan PJS 10/11. I haven't deciphered the rest of the address, but it's a start.

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