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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

watch out for the small green ones...

hey everybody!

so my first week in klang has been crazy! this transfer has really thrown things off as far as investigators go. when we talked to the sisters, the gave us a huge list of all the people that they'd been teaching. when we got here though we couldn't find hardly anybody on their list. so, we've started from scratch. we've done a ton of contacting in the last few days and have had a lot of success. we set two baptismal dates last night and are hoping to set at least one more tonight, but with any luck we will set three more tonight.

we're staying at the ridzuan condos in Subang. subang isn't actually in klang, but it's really close. i like it a lot better than KL because everything is so close. there is a monsterous mall called the sunway pyramid about a half mile from our apartment that has EVERYTHING. it's really nice.

as far as restrictions on teaching go, the only people we can't teach are muslims. it is illegal here. that is by far the biggest hinderance to the work considering 55%of the population is muslim. it's really a shame too because most of the islamic people we talk to seem really interested in what we're teaching, but we can't teach them. it's poopy. we do teach a lot of hindus and budists though. i love hindus! overall i'd say they are the most receptive. we have also been teaching a lot of nepalis lately. one of the recent converts is from there and he just keeps refering everybody he knows. it's actually some of his friends that we are going to commit to baptism tonight.

it rains a ton here! it has rained at least once every day. the rain here is different too. it doesn't just rain... it's like somebody turns on a firehose in the sky. we get soaked every day. i took some funny pictures of us sopping wet. oh yeah, pictures. i can't upload pictures to the computer because we have to go to a ciber cafe to email, but i will send my card home pretty soon because it's almost full. there's a lot of good pictures and videos on it.

the food here is delicious. unfortunately, the members don't feed us at all. but that's good i guess because that means we get to eat whatever we want. there are some delictilbe dishes that i want you to try when you come to pick me up =) the best one is called tandoori chicken with naan. oh man! i would eat that for every meal if i could... oh wait, we pretty much do. i tried something new yesterday at district developement meeting that i think dad would really like. it was called butter chicken rice. it looked really good, so i got it. there were these small green things in there that looked like green beans, which i hate but i decided to suck it up and eat them anyway. WOW. they weren't green beans. i think they might have been dynamite actually. i have never had anything so spicy in my life. i thought i liked spicy food, but not anymore. i couldn't even finish. my eyes were watering, i was sweating profusely, and it was like i had mount vesuvius erupting in my mouth. i tried to play it cool and order a strawberry shake, but i couldn't feel my tongue. i stuffed a napkin in my mouth while nobody was looking just to try and put out the flame. oh man, it was rough. but i think dad would really enjoy it.

i found out this week that CAL and Burkley are the same school! anywho, things are going great and we're starting to really have a ton of success here. i can't remember anything else that i wanted to tell you... WHY ON EARTH COULDN'T WE GET THE TV BEFORE I LEFT????!!!!!!!!!! geez.

i love you all. tell everybody to write me because i don't get any mail ever. oh yeah, and tell chelsie that i'm not allowed to email her back, but she can keep emailing me... and writing letters. be safe! keep me updated on things that go on.

Elder Troxel

Note From Dad: If you do a Google Earth search, use "Sunway Pyramid, Subang, Malaysia" you will be able to see the area that Jordan is frequenting. He stated that they live a couple of blocks from the mall which is one of the four points of interest that Google Earth brings up. Isn't technology great!

Note from Scott: The above map is centered on the mall that Jordan mentioned and there is a blue arrow that signifies the Condo complex that he mentioned was their residence. You can zoom in for a pretty detailed look. I actually think I saw Jordan standing on the balcony of the apartment...I could be imagining that though. I can't wait to go and actually see this place. If no one else goes, I'm going to go and pick him up (and enjoy that awesome waterpark).

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