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Monday, March 24, 2008

Jordan writes early-Zone Conferences

hello family!

sorry that i'm throwing a wrench in the works by writing on monday. it's zone conference this week so pday has been moved to today. tomorrow is the actually training, but we have an all day pday today. for the activity we're going to Batu Caves. i'm way pumped because there's supposed to be tons of monkeys! don't worry, i'll take a lot of pictures.

so zone conference is a bit crazy, but this is how it works; we got here this morning (here being the PJ house [PJ being short for petaling jaya, which is about 15 minutes from klang {give or take}]) so far it's been really cool. we started off the day with a role play where we had to teach the assistants lesson one in ten minutes. there was a list of five concerns that they gave us to prepare for. during the lesson, we had to figure out what concern they had, address it, at teach the whole first lesson in ten minutes. it was really good and they gave us a lot of good feedback. we also got to have interviews with president skelton. mine was pretty funny. he started off by saying (in a hilarious brittish accent), "elder troxel, i have something for you..." he then whipped out three letters from chelsie and began to rebuke me for all the writing on the envelopes. so chels, try and put all the pictures on the inside of the letter, not on the outside. it really wasn't all that bad, he just said that i should pass that advice on because a lot of people see these letters, especially if the go through singapore. but i did get four letters today, so i'm pretty pumped about that. the rest of the interview was short, but it was really good. president skelton is a wise man.

anywho, this last week has been pretty crazy... just like every other week. one of our investigators has a real problem with the word of wisdom and it's starting to really put a lot of strain his family. we came over to his house one time this week and he was drunk out of his mind. (PS-drunk people wreak, so don't drink) we tried to talk some sense into him, but it's pretty hard when people are not all there. he's really realizing now that this is not the way to live and that he needs the gospel to help bring his family back together. hopefully this will be a big turning point for him.

we also had my first exchanges this week. elder palfreyman went with elder clark (the district leader) and i went with elder maynes who of course is elder clark's companion. it was really fun. elder maynes is fluent in malay so he helped me out a lot and showed me some good ways to study effectively.

WEEKLY REVELATION: don't leave clothes in the washer for 5 days or they get moldy.

people here in malaysia are really nice... well, most people anyway. there was one time this week when it was pouring rain and i didn't have an umbrella (yes, so far on my mission i've lost 2 umbrellas) so this way nice chinese lady ran out of her house into the pouring rain to give me her umbrella. i tried to say no, but she forced it into my hand. you'd be surprised at how strong these little old chinese women are. it was so nice of her. unfortunately for us, she didn't speak any english and barely any malay, so we couldn't teach her.i'm getting extremely tan.

i need to find a scale to find out how light i am now. everyone keeps telling me i'm looking a lot skinnier than i did when i came here so i'm probably down in the 170's. i don't know how though, we eat a TON.

anywho, i'm sorry i skrewed things up by writing on monday, but i'm looking forward to hearing from you next wednesday! i love you all! be safe.

love,Elder Troxel

PS- tell TJ and Michael to write me more and Scott to write me less. just kidding, everybody has seriously been slacking. i expect at least a note from each of you next week. you have 10 days.

Note from Dad: the following are pictures that Jordan sent to Chelsie, she was kind enough to come over to our house on her birthday and share these pictures. Happy Birthday Chelsie!

Jordan standing in front of the Singapore Chappel

Kuldeep, Jordan, and Rahul new Malaysian friends

A view of the Petronas Towers from the KL apartment

Being soaked after a rain storm, yeah I've lost two umbrellas

Why is there toilet paper next to my cooking? What is that smell!

Ok, how about some McDonald's, Elder Palfreyman says thank you!

If you eat at McDonald's... In Malaysia we are under cover missionaries, no name badges

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Chelsie Osborn said...

woops! But it is about time he gets some mail! I will stop drawing little pictures and figurines on the back of the envelope. I just really like to write and draw on it. Thank goodness he finally got some! Ok Scott, I made a comment for you! :) Now just track how often I get on here....

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