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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kong Si Fat Chye!!

Note from Dad: Sorry I can't translate the title, I tried Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian

dear family,

this week was nuts! in case you weren't aware, this last week (monday) was chinese new year. it was HUGE! i've never seen anything like it. i thought that the stadium of fire was a good firework show, but chinese new year puts the fourth of july to shame. it was incredible. the fireworks started about 6:00 on sunday night. there was just a few here and there until about 9:00, when they really got going. when we went to sleep at 11:00, it was like a war zone! i didn't think i was going to be able to sleep... but i eventually dozed off for a few minutes, only to be woken up at about ten to midnight. i wish you could have seen it. our house was shaking from all of the booms. the sky was on fire, or at least it looked like it because you couldn't even see the fireworks through all the smoke. i'm glad that i'll have one more while i'm on my mission. i loved it.

in speaking of that, i found out my death date! February 10, 2010! wow, that is not very far off at all. in just over a week i'll reach the crest, and it'll all be downhill from there. it goes too fast! everybody says the second year goes a lot faster than the first, but i don't know if that's possible. it has flown by.

anywho, we had a baptism last saturday for the husband of a lady who got baptized about three months ago. it was really cool... until we went by another investigator's house later sunday night and found him and the brand new recent convert with big old bottles of beer in front of them. wow. that was the worst. if i thought getting dear johned was bad, i had no idea what disappointment really was. he had just been confirmed about six hours before, and there he was. poopy. it's almost as bad that the investigator he was with was supposed to be baptized with his family next week, but now has to wait. we also walked in on two more investigators with baptism dates breaking the word of wisdom that day and the next, bringing the total to four! guess what we'll be teaching a lot of this week... word of wisdom baby!

elder watkins and i had the first bike wreck of our companionship this week. we were riding through town, and went to go into this little apartment building. to go in, you have to go over a little bit of a bridge that, if it rains at all, is always flooded. that day it happened to be under about a foot of water. i remembered that there was a hole in the bridge, and was able to avoid it. thinking that elder watkins would follow without a problem, i just continued on... i didn't even hear the splash. i stopped to talk to some people who were just inside, when i heard a cry from behind me. i looked back, and elder watkins was lying spread eagle in the water and his bike was completely under. it was really funny. needless to say, he didn't remember the hole and went straight into it. his front tire sunk down in and flipped him right into the flood. good times.

good to hear that whitney's dance is going to be good. make sure dad films it with his new camera. i'll really like to see it in just over a year 3D)

i haven't received any birthday package yet, but i hope it gets here soon. oh, and mom's birthday package is finally ready! i'll either send it today or tomorrow, so you can expect it in a couple of weeks. i sent my sd card home last week, so you should get that pretty soon. there are some really good pictures and videos on there.

i'm doing well here. i don't exactly know how, but i continue to just get fatter and fatter. but the work is going well. elder watkins have a goal to have at least one baptism every week until one of us gets transferred. that shouldn't be for a while, so it will be quite and accomplishment if we can do it. we have dates for every week until the end of february right now, but none for march. we might have 5 this week, but probably only three.

i hope everyone is healthy and happy.

i love you all,
elder troxel

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