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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sorry for the short email!

dear family,

finally! i've been spending forever trying to get this dang computer to let me respond, and at last it is working. unfortunately though, it doesn't leave me with much time, so i'll get right into answering the questions:

1. (What was the correct translation for your message to your mother?) haha, you got quite a few of the words right dad, but most of the meaning was wrong... i'm surprised by your effort though. i can't tell you the exact meaning (mostly because i don't remember exactly what i said), but mom's birthday package will be there hopefully before the end of february. the rest of it was mixed with iban, so that's why you couldn't find the meaning. i love iban, but it's pretty hard to speak.

2. (Any luck on finding a way to wire you money?) oh yeah... i was supposed to do that, huh?

3. (How is the language coming?) the language is coming really well. the hardest things to get is tenses of verbs and things. you add on prefixes and suffixes to change tenses of verbs, and i'm not very good at that, but it's coming along slowly. the most important language is the language of the spirit though, and everyone can understand that :)

4. (How long has Elder Watkins been out in the mission field?) elder watkins is only a couple months older than me in the field. i think he went into the MTC december 19th. he's the oldest one in our zone though, so we've got a way young zone.

5. (Any word on transfers and when would the next ones most likely be?) we have no idea when or where transfers will come, but elder sederholm thinks that i'm the next one to leave. i wouldn't expect any changes until the end of february at the very earliest. president skelton isn't one to make changes when areas are doing well. the longest he's kept someone in one area was 14 months, so i'm hoping to break the record.

6. (How much longer does Pres. Skelton have to serve?) president skelton leaves in july, so i'll have 6 months with a new president. it's going to be really sad to see him go, he is the best.

this last week was so good! we had a couple baptisms, we set some more dates, and we went down to kuching for mission tour because elder Hollstrom of the 70 came and spoke to us. it was really good.sibu was all but completely under water this week. even our street had about six inches of water on it. i'm sending home my sd card tomorrow, so you'll be able to see the pictures of how high it was. epic.s

ibu is fantastic. everything is going really well. i'm sorry this one is so short, but i've gotta get going. i love you all. stay safe and sound.

elder troxel

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