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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Get Down with the Sickness

hello family!

first of all, no need to worry about me not getting an email from you last week mom, i'm a fairly patient man. i got too many to read this week, so i'll have to wait until next week to read the second half of yours this week. but everything here is still great. i got sick for the first time yesterday. it was really weird and it came out nowhere. i had the squirts like crazy. i'm over it now pretty much, but i'm still really out of it so forgive me if this letter doesn't make very much sense or isn't grammatically correct.

so how is the office going? has there been any new episodes? anything crazy happen? are pam and jim still together? what's going on with dwight and angela?!

that's so funny about chelsie and alyssa. elder palfreyman is so smitten by here it's almost gross. in fact, it is gross. he didn't appreciate dad's little joke about michael very much. i thought it was hilarious! excellent work dad. (Note from Dad: I wrote in Jordan's letter that Michael and Alyssa really hit it off and appeared that they were going to start dating...then put "just kidding".)

i've decided that a week and a half without a p-day is way too long. we've been out of food for five days. it's been fine though, we've just had to eat out for all three meals. it's cool because mcdonalds delivers here, so we just ordered and had them deliver to our room when we were done exercising. as far as prices go... if you compare economies as if dollars and ringits (malasian dollar) were the same amount, most things are a lot more expensive. a mcdonalds meal is usually about 15-20 ringit. one dollar is about 3.2 ringits though, so most thing are really cheap according to american dollars. clothes really aren't all that much cheaper, but there is a place in singapore that taylors suits, so if i'm ever in singapore just send me your sizes and stuff.

oh ps- my debit card doesn't work in malaysia so my emergency fund isn't going to do much good unless i'm serving in singapore. it's all good though; we get 700 ringit a month for support. i had about 50 left over from last month, so i should make it again this month. if for some reason i don't, i can just call the senior couple and tell them my situation and they can get me more.

as far as teaching goes, this week was amazing. we taught some epic lessons. i also gave a blessing and had my first baptism! the baptism was so cool, especially since i got to actually perform the ordinance. the water was filthy, but at least it was warm. the fellow's name is Gyanendra Bahadur Basnet. he's such a studd. he's from nepal and works at the panasonic factory. which brings me to my next point: there are sweat shops in malaysia! it's ridiculous. they bring thousands of people in on contract from nepal and india for three years at a time and pay them 4-6 ringit an hour. that's like two dollars and hour. it's pretty much slave labor. but it's good for the work because nepalize people are really receptive and they will be excellent missionaries when they go back to nepal.

that's pretty much all i have to say... but i am running low on that norelco cream stuff for my razor, so if you could send me some of that, that would be fantastic :) i love you all! be safe.

love, elder troxel

Note from Dad: We received Jordan's memory card from his camera and we will be posting a slide show along with some video that Jordan took. I will post a couple of photos now but stay tuned.

Jordan out tracking, nice neighborhood!

A view from the balcony in Subang, 17th floor.

At least someone is doing the studying!!

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