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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


dear family,

how is everybody? that's so awesome that whitney got asked to prom! and yes, i do read your letters dear sister and i really do appreciate them a lot. keep them coming! also, the child mentioned a check...

this week was crazy, just like every other week here. we are finding so many people! the week before last we had 19 new investigators. last week we had 21 more! the hard part is weeding out all the ones that aren't going to progress at all. things are going really well and we're working our buns off. we need to work so much harder to keep up with all the investigators though.

i can't remember if i told you, but elder palfreyman was made district leader this week because the previous one (elder clark) became one of the zone leaders and the previous zone leader (elder daines {who we lived with for my first week in KL}) was made an assistant. lot's of changes going on. right now elder palfreyman and one of the other elders in our district are in singapore on visa runs. every 90 days we have to go to singapore to get our visas renewed. it's pretty poopy because it really throws off our groove. so right now i am in a three-some with elder roberts (new to our district) and elder maynes (who doesn't even have a companion at the moment because he's getting a greeny on friday). all three of us are from three different areas so it's really confusing who has what appointments at what time and where. CHAOS! elder palfreyman gets back tomorrow though so everything will be good.

Chinese people are so hilarious. Elder Palfreyman and i go to the park and fun every other day, and there are always these chinese people there doing the most ridiculous things. they call them "Chinese aerobics." really all it consists of is a lot of arm rolling and some "repulse the monkey" type moves. they are so hilarious. next time i go to run, i want to take my camera with me.

in speaking of cameras, this next memory card is going to be awesome. i took some epic photos and videos at Batu Caves during zone conference. there were monkey's everywhere! i took a video of one tearing open elder peirson's bag of peanuts. i can't wait for you to see it! it's only half full though, so you'll just have to wait.

i haven't been able to see conference yet. the way it works is they send us a recording of it and we watch it a few weeks later. we got lucky and get to see it this next saturday and sunday. i'm pumped. i heard it was good... but i guess it always is.

When is mother's day? i'm pretty sure it's in May, but what day? the way i'll probably work is i will wait to call until it's monday morning here, so it will be sunday night there about 6 or 7 o'clock. but that's a ways off, so it's not too big of a deal at the moment.

WEEKLY REVELATION: if you take the wheel guards off your bike (so it will go off jumps better, of course) and ride through the mud, your shirts get really dirty. Good thing i have tide pens!

the only other thing i would really like to have (besides a lot of hostess products. SEND ME HOSTESS! please) is my line of authority. i don't know how you go about doing that, but if you could send me one it would be very nice. maybe you could laminate it???

WEEKLY REVELATION 2: water is not very good for paper... especially books.

i hope everything is going well. i can't believe robbie is going to manchester! that's so crazy! i'm sitting here in public internet cafe, and i screamed out loud when i read that! good on ya, mate. if you could pass that on to robbie for me, that would be great. also tell him to stop being a bum and write me!

i love you all. stay safe. -elder troxel

PS- i forgot to tell you that if i have recieved any packages, elder palfreyman will bring them with him from singapore, so i'll let you know next week. rumors are that i have a couple there though... BUT SEND HOSTESS DOUGHNUTS!

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