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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thrills, Spills and Chills

hewo family!

I FREAKING LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! things here are great. don't worry, i didn't starve to death. i've been building up fat so that i can survive in times when i don't have food, just like grizzly bears. but seriously, i've noticed recently that i'm developing a ponch! all my muscle is gone, and now i've got a gunther! horrible. the food here is so delicious and cheap though. i can't help myself.

this week had it's ups and downs, just like every other week. probably the best part was that we got to do exchanges with the zone leaders. i got to go back to KL with Elder Houston monday and tuesday while Elder Palfreyman and Elder Clark stayed in Klang. Elder Houston is such a stud. he's the one that fought in Iraq for a year before he came. he would load the mortars and he also would stop cars and check them for bombs at checkpoints and stuff. if anybody tried anything at all, he had to shoot them. CRAZY! he's an amazing missionary though and i always learn a ton when i'm with him.

WEEKLY REVELATION: when sitting on a rail, if you start to fall off backwards, don't try to turn it into a sweet trick... you'll only end up hurting yourself more. mostly your pride.

We had our first bike wreck in our companionship! of course, it wasn't me. elder palfreyman ate it the other night when he hit a huge mud puddle. he jacked up his hand a little bit (nothing bad, just a little scrape), but we ended up getting a guy's phone number because of it. all's well that ends well i suppose. i thought it was hilarious, but he didn't find it quite as amusing as i did. it's all good though, as you might have inferred from my weekly revelation, he got to see me fall backwards off of the rail at the bus stop the next day. and yes, i did try to turn it into a sweet trick... and yes, it did just hurt more.

well, right now we've got five people on date. Ram (who is being baptized on sunday) from Nepal, Deb from Nepal, Bhakta from Nepal, Madan from Nepal, and Raymond from Ghana. Yeah, I might as well have been called to serve in Nepal. they're all pretty solid though, so i hope they can make it.The work, as always, has it's ups and downs, but i love it. i love the people (even when they call the police on us). Mom and Dad, i hope you are planning on serving one because it's amazing.

Whitney: I was so pumped to hear that prom went well! oh man, i don't think you realize how excited i was. i'm glad you had fun. high school was so fun. make the most of it while you can. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! you'll remember it your whole life... until you get that old person disease that makes you forget everything. but lets hope that doesn't happen for awhile.

anywho, that's pretty much all. is mandy about ready to pop yet? she's due in may right? send me pictures. how about kim? is michael dating anybody? IS WHITNEY DATING ANYBODY?! anywho, i'm very safe and happy, so no need to ever worry (mom). i love you all.

elder troxel

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