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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm an Uncle X2!!!

dear family,

geez louise! you did have a crazy week! why does scott always have to have crazy close calls like that. i mean, honestly, take a chill pill man, you're giving me indigestion. just kidding, this stomach is solid as a rock. oh man! you're a dad again scott! how's mandy doing? she's been in my prayers. now it's up to kimberly! good luck girl. =)

so, i got a hilarious letter from elder owen (jackson) this past week. he has had some crazy stuff happen to him! he told me about how he was exercising one morning about three months ago and fell and broke his leg in three spots. knowing jackson though, it must've been something pretty extreme... he tried to pass it off like there was nothing wrong, but that's pretty hard to do with a tri-broken leg. they sent him to LA to have surgery on it, but fortunately they didn't release him. he served in a threesome in LA for a month and a half or so until he had healed. it is a really cool story because they ended up meeting and baptizing a family while he was there. he even got to do one of the baptisms. he did have to put a plastic bag over his cast though. he's back in albania now and has just been called to be a zone leader. it's funny because he's really young for how long he's been out, and his companion is 27. it doesn't surprise me at all though.

i had the craziest epiphany last night! ariel and elder palfreyman are destined to be eternal companions! they're pretty much like the same person almost. tell ariel that she needs to write to him. she's not married yet, is she??? i got news yesterday from chelsie's letter that katie crawley is engaged! AH! the first of many. it's weird because i cuddled with her... twice! oh man, she's too young to get married. keep me updated on all the people you hear about though. i've started a list in my journal called, "another one bites the dust."

we had a sweet experience this last week. last wednesday we went to chili's with a member. we had to go all the way out to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center) which is about a 30minute-1 hour bus ride depending on traffic. chili's was delicious, but we were running a little bit late so we decided to take a taxi. we ended up sitting in the taxi for an hour because of traffic, and decided to get off at KL central to take the train. i got to teach the taxi driver a sweet lesson though. we got there and waited about 5 minutes for the train, but it was too packed for anyone to get on (it is any amazing thing to see a train packed that tight, but it is almost a daily occurrence here), so we had to wait for the next one. we were already ten minutes late for an appointment and the train wasn't going to come for another 15 minutes. i wasn't a very happy camper, but at that moment i got a reassuring prompting that there was a reason we missed that train. a few seconds later an american guy walked up to us and i recognized him as this one guy we briefly met at a bus stop while i was in KL. he's from montana originally, but married an east malaysian girl who works for the UN. they moved from KL to our area shortly after we did. i talked to him the whole train ride home. we set up a return appointment and met him a few days later. turns out he's read almost all of the book of mormon before and he's been fasting to be able to find answers to a lot of the questions he has. WOW. the guy is amazing. HE asked US how much more he would have to learn before he could be baptized. our return appointment lasted two and a half hours and we were in a McDonalds! we're taking a member family to his house tomorrow and we'll hopefully be able to set a baptism date for him. AWESOME!!! i love this job!

we've got two baptisms coming up this weekend for a couple of nepali guys named deb and bhakta. they're such studs.the work is really starting to pick up again. we had 26 new investigators last week, and we'll follow-up on them this week and weed out the ones who aren't serious. we've got 5 people on date this week, two of which are being baptized this weekend, and we're hoping to set dates for william (the american) and another indian family that i haven't told you about yet (i don't think), so i'll do that now:this family is really incredible. we fasted last sunday to be able to find a family that has been prepared for us to teach and baptize. well, we found them. we were out contacting and tracted into two kids; Moses (15) and his little brother Andrew (12). their parents weren't home, so we just taught them and their friend the restoration and set up a time to come back and teach their whole family. oh yeah, they too have been taught by missionaries before, but the kids were fairly young and are much more interested now. we've taught them a few times and told them to pray as a family to know if they should be baptized again (their catholic), but this time in a non-apostate way (i didn't say it in that exact way). we're feeling really good about it.

WEEKLY REVELATION: finding an american style sitting down toilet is a rare thing here. no, no; here they have a much greater invention: the squatter. enough said. public bathrooms are definitely not up to par... elder palfreyman found that out the hard way... let's just say that not many have toilet paper and that is a fact that is often discovered when it's too late.that's pretty much all the news i have for this week. i'm going to go grab some wendy's right now! hooray! tell everyone i love them. and michael's letter was bust a gut funny. thanks for writing, i really enjoy the letters.

stay safe
elder troxel

Jordan's new niece, Aubrey Maurine Troxel 7lbs, 3oz, 20 inches long
Scott, just 6 days after open heart surgery, holding his new daughter Aubrey "One miracle looking at another!"

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