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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Prayers for Scott

dear family,

well... i got a fairly scary call from president skelton this morning. he told me what he knew about scott's surgery and that everything will be fine. he also said that you will be calling the appartment sometime. i can't remember when exactly he said because i wasn't really paying very close attention after that, so i will just have to be on my toes i guess. i will pray hard for him. no worries, everything will be fine. tell him and mandy that i love them.

anywho, i pretty much told you everything during the call, but we've had some cool stuff happen since then. after the call on monday, we went out contacting. we'd been knocking these flats for hours when we knocked on a door of some Myanmar refugees. and by some, i mean 15! there was fifteen of them in this little apartment and they said that there is sometimes upwards of 30! none of them spoke very good english, but they told us that they had a friend who spoke english really well and that they would call him and asked us if we could come back later that night. we came back later and taught them all the restoration with a translator and they all committed to coming to church and to english class tonight. we had already found 2 new investigators earlier that day, so we ended up with 17 new investigators on monday. that's more than we had all last week! the only problem is that the book of mormon isn't printed in Chin, which is the language they read. i don't know how we'll get around that one, but we'll find a way. the guy they called to translate is a studd and he's fairly well educated, so hopefully he can just translate it while he reads aloud or something.

today a member is treating us to chili's. i'm so excited. we also need to get our bikes fixed, buy groceries, and write some letters. sorry this one is so short, but i pretty much told you everything over the phone. in speaking of the phone call, it was awesome. thanks to everyone for being there, or at least being in contact. it's really strange being on a mission. it's like i'm on a completely different planet, so it's nice to know that i have people back home that still remember and care about me. sometimes we as missionaries forget. we're a long ways away and we just have to deal with it that most people don't like us. but "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven." i love being a missionary so much! i love and pray for you all. scott will especially be in our prayers the next few days. everything will be fine. no worries.

elder troxel

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