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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Molten Chocolate Cake

dear family,

it's zone conference today and tomorrow, so that's why you're getting this email today. the reason i titled this email "molten chocolate cake" is because that was the desert i just had at chili's and i really can't get it off my mind. Oh man! it was delicious!

so i can't remember if i told you about this investigator we have named william... but to make a long story short, he's as golden as they get. he's american from montana and has been searching for the truth his whole life and not been able to find it... until now. right off the bat he knew the book of mormon was true and he started to talk to us about baptism before we even mentioned it. his only concern is that he has a few military tattoos and that it will effect whether or not he can be baptized. amazing. but unfortunately, this week was not a good one for him. we met with him on friday (awesome lesson), he came to our baptism (for a man named Bhakta who is also amazing) on saturday night, and was planning on coming to church on sunday. we got a call from him at about 11:30 saturday night and he told us that his wife had called him and told him that she wants a divorce and that she's suing him for custody of their child. wow. not only that, but there's so many other things that are being thrown in his path right now to keep him from joining the church, but he still wants to be baptized. i love that guy.

so this week definitely wasn't as successful as last week. in fact, our numbers were horrible! we only had 3 member present lessons all week, and only two investigators at sacrament meeting (william never showed up, but it's understandable). the whole morning yesterday was spent getting mattresses from the PJ elder's apartment to ours because we are housing all the elders from the ipoh zone for the next couple of nights (10 other elders). it's been crazy! i've learned that missionary work is never not crazy though. if it ever gets to be not crazy, you're not working hard enough.

WEEKLY REVELATION: if you find a stray baby kitten, don't take it seventeen floors up the elevator with you... it will just follow you and sit outside the door of your apartment for days meowing loudly. it really gets old after awhile. we did name him jappetto though, which i thought was a pretty sweet name for a cat. he finally bailed, but he comes back and visits us every now and again.

man, that molten chocolate cake was delicious! i love food! i'm afraid my metabolism just can't keep up though and the link between my stomach and my brain that tells you when you are full must have somehow been severed because i am NEVER full! i literally could eat a horse i think. it's a good thing we ride bikes and walk a ton. it helps to slow down the fattening, but it definitely doesn't stop it.

so chelsie told me in her email that three girls from my graduating class are engaged already! what the heck?! how does that even happen?! they're too young. i'm putting my foot down on any more engagements/marriages. that is too weird.

i got a hilarious letter from nick morley a couple days ago. i've heard from rittmanic, beau, andrew, and jackson. everybody is doing well. andrew almost has a year under his belt! nick and beau are both over the six month mark! AH! where does the time go? i'm coming up on four months! a couple more months and i won't even be green anymore. i wish i had jake frost's email address at least.

i had a really good interview with president skelton this morning. he said some things though that lead me to believe that i may not being staying here in klang much longer though. he didn't say much, and i don't know if he even meant to hint at anything, because they were very subtle hints if he did, but it made me raise my eyebrows... watch me stay here for seven months now. i wouldn't mind, i love this place.

thanks to my handy work, our bikes have been salvaged. we without a doubt have the worst bikes in the mission. they're so fun though! i'm getting into downhill mountain biking when i get home. i have a blast on those things. it took some innovation, but we have two bikes that are semi-ridable. both of them broke a few weeks back, but there's a spare bike that the sisters had been using for parts that we fixed up so we started using that one and took the working parts from the other broken one to fix the third one. neither one is quality, but they get you places and are fun to jump off of things... only small things though, they couldn't take much more than that.

well, that's pretty much it. life goes on, being a missionary is still epic and i don't think it will ever stop being that way. i love you all. tell everyone hello for me.

elder troxel

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