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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I probably shouldn't have had that liverworst and headcheese sandwich before this...

Dear family,

what a week! it really has been nuts here. the zone conference training was incredible. at the end of all the trainings the assistants give us a commitment. usually it's something like "make lesson plans with your companion for all five lessons" or "do one role play with your companion every week in companion study", but this time it was different. they gave the training on contacting and the commitment they gave us was to "talk with everyone." this, of course, is impossible... but it was an extremely motivating training. lessons in our district pretty much doubled! it's been really good. but this week hasn't been all sunshine and flowers. i got a little bit sick, but i hate staying in not being able to do anything, so i kept it to myself and we went out anyway. wow, "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven!" had we not gone out that day, we wouldn't have been in a lot of places that we needed to be in. it was really incredible, but pretty tough too. when we got home that night i felt like i needed to call this american investigator we have named william. to make a long story short, he'd had a really hard couple of days and was thinking of killing himself. i had no idea what to say, but fortunately the spirit takes over in situations like that. we had a solid appointment with him again last night, but turns out he spent the last of his money getting to the appointment and wasn't going to have enough to get home. what a stud! he said he knew he needed to come and see us, no matter what. i totally would have given him everything in my wallet, but the missionary hand book says that we can't give out money, so we called the elder and sister hector and they were able to loan him some money. he just started a new job a few days ago, so he'll be able to pay it back once he gets his first paycheck. CRAZY! i never thought i'd ever have to deal with any of that stuff, but i know i'm being put through the refiners fire.

WEEKLY REVELATION: when scratching your back with a pen, make sure that (a) that pen isn't a click pen or (b) if it is a click pen, be sure that the tip isn't out... it makes it pretty embarrassing to walk around the rest of the day. and turns out that pen doesn't come out, even with the bleach pen! don't worry though, i still have 11 good shirts =)

for the last couple of days we've been in a 3some with the new zone leader, elder taiamoni because elder houston is on his visa run. he's so hilarious. it's kinda weird to hear a tongan speaking malay though. he got here on monday, and we're dropping him off this afternoon in KL. he gave me a sweet-sauce tie which i am wearing right now.tonight is going to be big. this awesome family that we've been teaching came to church for the first time on sunday and LOVED it! we're going to set a baptism date with them tonight if all goes well. i'm so pumped.

fantastic news! I GOT THE PACKAGE! it usually takes about ten days, but i got yours in 12. the gushers and liquorice (sorry if that's spelled wrong, elder palfreyman told me to spell it that way) were delectable! i say "were" because they are gone now... i got the package last night. i'm fat. just kidding, there's some in answer to mom's concern about me having worms, they issue us deworming pills every six months and we just got ours last week, so i should be pretty clean. no worries. i'd be more worried about nick and beau.

Whitney! out of school! you're a senior now girl! keep working hard. don't be a slacker like me. i always looked up to you for being so studious and diligent. those are both great attributes of christ that i have always had trouble implementing. keep a stiff upper lip. sometimes life gives you a swift kick in the groin (especially in high school), but you just have to shake it off and keep going. there's no better advice i can give you than to remember that you are a daughter of God. you're never alone. you've been so blessed, just like me, to be a part of an amazing family that loves you to pieces. you're the best sis! have a sweet summer and a happy birthday in a couple of weeks! hopefully you get my package...

oh man, i could go on and on forever about how awesome this place is. i love being a missionary so much! i can't believe i've been out for 4 months. only 20 to go! i wish it was 200 though, 20 months isn't very much time.i love you all so much!

elder troxel

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