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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Bloody Hate Computers!

dear family,

this is my third time writing this email. the stupid computer has kicked me out twice now, both times after having writen for almost a half hour. i hate technology! i haven't been this angry in a long time.but it's all good. it's going to be an extremely short email though. sorry

everything is excellent here. good week. elder palfreyman got dear johned though. i won't name names, but his girlfriend (alyssa marie caserio) has been dating another guy since december and hasn't told him. what did he expect though? everybody get's dear johned. it's only a matter of where and when. i love missions! he's been dragging a bit, but the best way to keep your mind off of things is hard work, which i love, so it's been a good week so far.

whitney, i know there is something you're not telling me! i got a very interesting letter from chelsie in which she told me that you had something important to tell me... I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS! what is it?! i had better have an email next week telling me what happened!

it's good to hear that everyone is good. tell scott that i was going to email him back today, but i've spent the whole time wrestling with this stupid bad word of a computer the whole time, so i'll write him a letter instead. it'll be there in a couple of weeks.

i really am sorry that this email is so short, but you just gotta role with the punches. in speaking of punches, i have a confession to make. remember last thanksgiving when i came back from the turkey bowl with my face pretty much smashed in? well, the truth is, it wasn't from football. it was from rittmanic and i boxing the night before. you should've seen it though! what a fight! he head butted me in the face and crushed my skull at the end of the third round to end the fight. what a dirty move! cheater. but there you go. i waited until now to tell you so that mom wouldn't get all mad and take my boxing gloves away =) don't worry, the crack in my skull is pretty much fully healed.

the work here is so awesome! it's the craziest mission ever! i feel like i'm a spy. we've got 13 people on date for baptism and we set an average of two dates a week. july is going to be crazy if i don't get transferred. transfers will be at the beginning of july and will effect 30 companionship's! that's more than half the missionaries in this mission! dang it's a good thing i can type so darn fast. that's crazy! pray that i get to train. i really want to.

i'm doing great. i love you all. the work goes on.
elder troxel

ps-if ariel refuses to write to elder palfreyman, then tell her to at least write to me.

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