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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spencer, did you flush?

dear family,

i can't believe how fast the weeks are going by. it's crazy! it seems like i was just here yesterday. but i'm loving it. it's been a strange week, but i successful one. but before i talk about my week, i should probably answer questions... ok, so there wasn't any questions in your email. that was easy. but about this whole diet thing... i think we may need to make an exception for my
first meal back. i'm planning on snow capped franks for the moment, but considering how i have 20 months to think about it, it may change. if you see todd again, tell him congratulations for me! i'm pumped that he's going. kahea too! if you see channy tell her to tell him to write to me. i'm pretty much a bank of wisdom these days...

so this week has been interesting. there's never a dull week in missionary work. in our district there are two chapels. the PJ chapel (the one our branch and one of the other branches meets in) was broken into and torn pretty much to shreds this week and the PJ2 chapel was completely flooded the same day! what a mess! both were/are in pretty bad shape, but they've done a good job getting crews in there to fix everything. the thieves broke holes in every door so they could reach through and unlock them. it's poopy because most of the rooms are just empty classrooms. i think they were more interested in vandalism than in stealing, because they left all the computers and only took a couple of laptops and a couple of dvd players. messy. the really unfortunate part is what happened the next day. there was an institute class in the chapel the next day and one of the guys (Riva, age 19) who helps us a lot attended. he ended up hanging around after the class and falling asleep in one of the rooms. the cleaner found him at 10:00 and flipped out. i must admit, it's pretty fishy, but i think he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. it doesn't help his case that he allegedly had knives around him, which is what the thieves used to knock holes in the doors. i don't know, it wasn't very wise of him, to say the least.

something i've noticed here is that people in this area of the world (especially indian people) have very different kinds of conversion experiences than most people in western culture. often times they will have amazing dreams or visions of people dressed in white giving them the book of mormon, or telling them to join the church, or other amazing things like that. that isn't how it happens with everyone, but i just find it interesting how the Lord works in different ways according to the needs of his people. we put a man named Maran on date this week who has had some pretty incredible dreams telling him to join the church. i love the people here!

WEEKLY REVELATION: when contacting in the twilight hours and you see someone outside their house, make sure you know their gender before you say, "excuse me sir, but my friend and i have a very important message..." if that person turns out not to be a sir, it makes the rest of the lesson REALLY awkward for both parties. she probably won't even call you back either. i really fudged the bucket on that one.

we had a sweet lesson with this family last night. we would have set a baptism date with them, but the father wasn't home and it just didn't feel right, so we're planning to do it on saturday! i'm so pumped! they're so awesome. the work continues on here in malaysia. the days are flying by. i hope everyone is safe and sound. i also sincerely hope that you are keeping the TV in pristine
condition, along with the HD DVD player. i love you all. if you could, send me some more pictures (maybe through snail mail) of the new babies and of everybody doing whatever they're doing. you can send it in the next package, whenever that may be.

i love you all,
elder troxel

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