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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Island of Borneo: Land of the Head Hunters

dear family,

i can't believe whitney's senior piece is over! the event that she has talked about for as long as i can remember has come and gone. it sounds like it almost didn't take off, but she turned it into something amazing. that, i've found, is a huge test of character, to take a situation that seems to be the pits, not at all the way you want it to be, and turn it into something to be proud of. it's a difficult thing to do, but i am extremely proud of her. i find myself in the same situation at the moment actually. i'll explain...when i left Klang, i was ready to leave. i felt like i had done what i had been sent there to do and it was time to move on. then they whitewashed us into Sibu (that means that both you and your companion come in at the same time and start with nothing), and we have had a lot of success. now just at the time when things are up and rolling, they take me out of beautiful Sibu and put me into Kota Kinabalu! yes, yes, it's true. transferred again! not only will i be going into my third area, but i will be whitewashing my third area. heavens to betsy! is there no end to the madness! oh man, i love being on a mission. but leaving Sibu is really hard. i've met some amazing people and made a lot of really close friends.

i found out about this whole thing on monday afternoon. i will be leaving next monday, and my new companion will be Elder Kunioka from Hawaii. it's funny, but i actually got to go on exchanges with him this week. now i'm going to be his companion. he's way cool, but i'll only be with him for a maximum of 2 months, which is when he goes home. Elder Watkins will be staying here and training a new elder from Australia. there are a lot of cool things about going to KK though. for instance, apparently the zone leader apartment is really nice. it is right on the beach and it has a gym! oh, i cannot even tell you how much i need a gym. Elder Semana's family is in KK and another family that was in Klang Branch while i was there, so i already know some people. I'll get to go on exchanges all over sabah, including Sandakan which is where the Orangutans are. hopefully i'll get to see some. everyone's malay is supposed to be really good in Sabah, so i'll be able to improve my malay a lot there. but the down sides are that i'll be leaving the most amazing place in the world, the most amazing branch in the world, and the most amazing people in the world. there aren't any Ibans in Sabah :( i'll be whitewashing for the third time, but i've got a lot of experience now doing it, and this is elder Kunioka's 2nd time in KK, so at least he knows the members.

(note from Scott: I found this picture of the Chapel in KK on Google Earth. Some diligent missionary apparently has documented his mission. If you're curious it's located just off the lower right corner of the above map.)

all in all, it's a very bitter sweet move. i'll be leaving the most successful area in the mission going to one that hasn't had very much lately. i'll have a lot more responsibility, but with the Lord's help i'll be able to bear the burden well. anywho, that's enough about the silly transfer.

I got a beautiful package this last week. and when i opened it, my heart almost burst when i saw the contents. that football hasn't left my side since i opened the package (except when i'm out teaching). there are only a couple crunch bars left, and the doughnuts were all moldy, but i tried them anyway. they weren't very good. thank you so much.

in speaking of football, i'm afraid my football dreams are slowly fading away. i would LOVE to play when i get back, but i won't be back in time to start the winter semester, which means i will have to wait an entire year until i can even try out, which means i will be 22! that is old. almost too old be a walk-on. we'll just have to see how things go i guess.

when i came to sibu, i thought, "yes, i'll finally lose this belly i've gained." nope, it's doubled at least. it's because we never have time to eat dinner while we're out because we're always teaching, so we'll eat when we get home, right before bed. BAD IDEA. i'm a chub duck. no worries though, it's just more of me to love, right?

i'm glad mom got the package. sister helen was so excited to make the necklace. i've got some more cool stuff, but i can't send it home, so you'll just have to wait until i bring it myself.

the year mark was good. both elder pace and i burned a shirt. it almost ended up disastrous, but that is a story for a different time ;)

TJ promised me a letter when i talked to him, but it must've gotten lost in the mail...i hope everyone is well. this is the first week that i haven't been updated on mom's knee, so i'm assuming that is a good sign. anywho, keep on truckin' everybody.

Elder Troxel

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