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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kota Kinabalu (KK)

Dear Family,

so, this week was pretty crazy. my last few days in sibu were filled with visiting recent converts, dinner appointments, and getting things ready for this transfer. sunday was really good. when i arrived at church, i had no intention (nor did i have any desire) to speak in sacrament meeting. but thanks to elder paul, i got dragged into it. if it were in english, i'd have no problem, but i was really nervous to do it in malay. my malay is decent, i can teach and talk to people, but in a more formal setting i wasn't sure how i would do. thank heavens for the gift of tongues. it turned out alright and i survived. sunday night was out of control though. we had not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR dinner appointments in a row. GOO! by the time we finished, i just wanted to curl up and cry. unfortunately though, i couldn't curl up... i couldn't even bend down. i just had to lay there and weep. i got some cool gifts and stuff. i'll send some of them home for you.

so, i'd heard that KK was a beautiful place. i had no idea. it was like entering the celestial kingdom! we stay in a place called Marina Court. they are right on the ocean and our balcony view is gorgeous. i love our study room. words can't even describe our apartment. i'll just have to sent you pictures so you can see for yourself. the gym isn't the most amazing, but heck, it's a gym! my pecks are so sore that it's even hard to type... and i am loving it.

anywho, i could go on for hours, but i'll just answer your questions i guess.

1. (Are you a zone leader?) yes

2. (Is the picture of a beautiful chapel on your blog the real deal?) yes

well, that was easy this week :) no, but i didn't even know what chapel that was because i haven't been to ours yet, but elder Kunioka has confirmed it, that really is our chapel. the first chapel in malaysia was built here. i'm really excited. i've heard that the branch is way good. i'm met five or six members, and they are fantastic. i think the problem in this area in the past is just that missionaries haven't been using them. but we've got some really good investigators right now and we'll have some baptisms coming up next week, so i'm pretty excited.

so funny story: we were teaching an older chinese lady (by older i mean older than me. she's like 35 i think), but she had some pretty big issues and couldn't be baptized until some things changed, so we pretty much dropped her temporarily until she worked some things out. but she got word that was my last sunday, so she came to church. not only did she come, but she brought me a present. i was really surprised, but after saying my goodbyes to her, i opened it. i thought for sure it was going to be some kind of sweet iban stuff, because it was wrapped in iban paper and all of her friends are way good at making iban things. it wasn't cool iban stuff. i tore off the paper, and found 3 pairs of bikini style underwear staring me in the face. not just whitie tighties, but the real deal Mongs. thank you sister Nancy (not really her name).

i've seen like 5 white people since i've been here and it's really freaking me out.

um, i think that's pretty much it... i can't really think of anything else. sorry if i missed something. just continue to ask me and eventually i'll remember. i love you all.

Elder Troxel

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