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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Presidents and Passports

Dear family,

this week has been phenomenal. i freaking love KK! everything about it. there's been some pretty crazy things that have happened though. Sunday was district conference. the branches from sandakan and Tawau came to KK, along with the senior couples from both of those areas, president skelton, and Elder and Sister Jones from Sibu (they came because Elder Jones is the first counselor in the mission presidency. it was good to see them, seeing as i've been away from sibu for so long ;). anywho, the couple from sandakan's name is the Morreys. apparently on their way back to sandakan, somewhere between the hotel and the airport, sister morrey's purse was stolen. what makes things really poopy is that both of the morrey's passports were in there :( bad news. so they were going to try and go to KL to the embassy there and get things worked out. one of the elders from sandakan, elder stone, was going to go on a visa run with elder kunioka this week and his companion was going to stay with the morreys, but because all of this happened, elder stone's companion, elder Barlow, is with me now. i'll probably be flying to sandakan on friday to do a baptism interview there. we don't usually go there, because elder morrey will usually do the interviews. it's too much of a bother to fly there whenever we need to do an interview, but i guess we'll just have to do it until the morreys can get back, which who knows how long that will be.

we got some exciting news though. a new mission president has been called! he will report in singapore July 1, 2009. his name is President Clark. he's a dentist from TACOMA, WASHINGTON! i bet grandma and grandpa probably know him, or at least know of him. i thought that was pretty cool. it's going to be really sad losing president skelton though. i really like the way he runs things.

anywho, on to the questions:

1. (Are the attached photos your building?) yep, that's marina court and that sunset is what i get to see every day. not from the apartment though, because by the time we get home at night, it's already dark. but the pool is a little bit different now. i don't know when that picture was taken, but they've changed it a little bit. not that it matters, we can't swim in it anyway ;(

2. (Can you confirm your address?) the address that you wrote down is right. you don't need to put "api api center", but it doesn't matter, you can. you just add on "block D, room 701" you can send things straight here.

3. (Michael would like pictures of the mongs?) that question was a declaratory statement. i don't know how to answer that.

4. (Have you regained your composure from eating 4 meals in one evening?) i don't think i'll ever recover from that. i have been making good use of the gym though. i'm still gemuk, but hopefully soon we'll start to see it hilang...

5. (Mom's questions: So how is your new area? Are you able to do much teaching now with all your new responsibilities, or do you just go on splits and help teach the other elders' investigators?) my area is so awesome. we've got a ton of referrals we need to contact, and we have at least 2 members follow us everywhere all day every day. and we do just as much teaching as i've done in my other areas. we only have to do exchanges once every six weeks with each district leader, so it's not too bad. i'm assuming we'll be pretty busy around zone conference time, but we still do get a lot of teaching in. our first baptism will be the seventh of march.

michael buble is playing in the email place right now. i haven't heard him in more that a year... weird.

so i haven't heard anything from TJ, Michael, or Scott since Christmas... tell them that i'm not going to bring them home any sweet treasures from the island of Borneo if i don't start getting some dang emails.

um, i think that's everything. i love you all.

elder troxel

PS. Jordan's address will be as follows:

Jordan Troxel (no title of Elder please)
Block D, Room 701
Marina Court Resort Condominium,
Api-Api Centre, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
East Malaysia, Malaysia

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