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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

now this grinder of yours... is it a real grinder, or some sort of metaphor?

dear family,

i know how mom feels; i don't know what happened to february, but i think i missed it. i cannot believe it's already march. elder Kunioka goes home next month! he's in the same group as elder Crofts, who is my grandfather. after they go home, it's only 3 months until elder palfreyman goes home, and by that time i've only got 6 months to go. when you start to realize that one day you're actually going to go home, it makes you want to work a lot harder, and then the harder you work, the faster the time goes... maybe i should try not working as hard.

sabah is still great. we're going to have our first baptism here this sunday, and then we should have one every week until elder kunioka goes home. i don't know if i told you, but his parents are coming here to pick him up, so they might be the ones you should talk to about costs of flights and things, because i haven't the foggiest. here is their info:

Kevin and Lisa Kunioka

i guess they've already met and had dinner with the parents of some of his other companions, so i'm sure they'd love to meet you. you will actually probably be able to meet elder kunioka in not too long. crazy.but anywho, this week was good. we ended up not having to fly out to sandakan, because the Morrey's got their passports back. but i did get to do two other interviews this week. i was kinda nervous, because i'd never done one before, but they both were really good and it was fun.

elder kunioka and i will be flying out to tawau next week on tuesday and to sandakan the week after that to do exchanges and give some trainings. we did a training yesterday with the other elders and the douglas's. it was pretty much about D&C 33:7-9 and alma 26:5. i really enjoy giving trainings. i learn so much preparing them.

so here's the answers to your questions:

1. i'm not sure the cost, but i'll try and find out. if you can get in touch with elder kunioka's parents though, they'll probably know. if do end up coming, i'd either want you to go to KL or here to KK. probably here, because it is gorgeous here, but there's a lot more things to do in KL... we'll see.

2. yeah, you can take buses from singapore to KL, but that may not be the path you want... it's like 6 hours i think. if you do though, there's plenty of buses that go that way.

it's good to hear that michael is out and dating. PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED! just continue to work it bro. be bold. as he would say, "keeps doin yo thang, you know, yo thug thizzle out there."that's pretty much all i can think of... oh yeah, if you could email me another copy of my line of authority, that would be great. i ordained a guy last week and i'd really like to give him one.

i love you all.
elder troxel
KK, Sabah, Borneo

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