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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Robbie's package!

Keluargaku (family),

apa khabar? (what's happening) whoa, what a crazy week it seems that you've all had. so, dan is finally getting hitched... and to family, no less. good good. when is he getting married? you may want to ask him if he's willing to wait until next february... just kidding, but i wish i could be there for it. tell him congratulations for me. in speaking of christensens, what is ariel up to? is she married too? i got a list of girls from elder morley today of all the girls that he knew were engaged/married. he said that Brianna Reynolds (i don't know if you know her, but she's a way awesome girl) is engaged to Matt Reynolds! you've gotta love Timpview marriages. how is michael's pursuit going by the way? it was good to hear a few weeks back that he'd been on a few dates.

don't feel bad dad, i've also come to the realization that my movie quoting abilities aren't quite up to par. they've atrophied quite a bit, along with my upper body actually. but i've improved in a lot of other areas- such as my scriptural knowledge, and i even managed to beat elder palfreyman in a game of scripture golf this morning! baby! oh yeah, i'm in singapore right now. i really don't like coming here, but it's been a lot more enjoyable this time because i've gotten to go out with elder palfreyman. it's crazy that he dies in four months! and after him, my days are also limited... it's sad business.

this last week was a good one as far as the work goes, except we suffered a few set backs- we should be having 6 or 7 baptisms this saturday, but the two couples have only been to church twice and aren't ready anyway, and we just barely found out that one of the other girls who was set on date for this week's IC (identification card) says "muslim" on it. NO!!!!!!!!! that is the worst!that would've been helpful to know about a month and a half ago. it's really sad, because she's gold, but laws are laws. she is going to try and get it changed, but that can take years to do. but we'll still have two on saturday, which will be really good. and one of them will be a priesthood holder! that's what this branch is really hurting for- more priesthood. i'm really excited for our area. there's a lot of really good things going on right now. in the not too distant future, we'll be back in the groove of have baptisms every week. good stuff.

so, since you didn't have any questions for me, i've got a few of my own:

1. what's going on with "the office?"

2. do we have a nintendo Wii yet?

3. is there any other way to send me that video clip? because youtube is definitely not approved...

i think that's all of them. oh, i did draw out 200 sing dollars from my checking account today. i don't know how much that is in USD, but i think it's like 100 or so. probably more. but i received an epic package from elder Wobbie Larson yesterday! he sent me a weird t-shirt, but it was pretty awesome. i've been wanting to write to him, but i haven't had his address.

welp, i'm pretty sure i've run out of things to say. i'm still healthy and happy... and fat. i love you all. stay safe.

elder troxel

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