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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Holy Hand Grenade

Dear family,

if you are really worried about michael being skinny, i have acquired quite a bit of beef since being in malaysia (especially around the nether regions) and i'm sure we could arrange some sort of swap...anywho, we got some bad news this week in zone conference. the missionary department has put an end to the use of public gyms! NO!!! there goes any of my hopes of coming hope looking anything like i did before. it's ok, i've come to grips now that i'll just be hodoh dan gempal selama-lamanya.

in speaking of zone conference this last week, it was excellent! my interview with president was really good. he told me that i need to use more of an iron fist with my zone, rather than the velvet glove. maksudnya (meaning) that we need to kick our zone in the rear and get it going. elder kunioka and i also got to give a leadership training to all of the district leaders in our zone. i thought it went fantastic. we did it on commitments and how to be more bold. it tied in perfectly with the assistant's training the next day which was also on committing people. good stuff.

oh, before i forget, if you could send me some more Red Zone, i would much appreciate it. i'm down to my last one.

futsol was also a hit. and not to brag or anything, but 'yours truly' had quite a few goals and tore apart the defense. but i was so sore i could barely walk the next day. i took quite a few kicks to the shins and knees... well, i guess i'll answer your questions:

1. (Mom asked about sending the Conference Report, Would you get it any quicker that way?) we usually do get a conference report, but it's a hit or miss type thing and we only get one for the whole apartment, so if you could sent one, that would be great! thanks. i'm so pumped for conference. it gets better every time!

2. (What the heck does assalamwailekum mean?) assalamwailekum is the greeting that muslims say to each other. as an orang putih (white person), it's not very good to say it to a muslim... but i often do it anyway.

3. (Any additional help on the tree house picture?) i'm not exactly sure what picture you're talking about, but i think it's probably at a place called Taman Jubli in Sibu. it's the only hill in all of sibu, but it's pretty sweet because they built that big old look out tower and you can see all of sibu. we did that my last p-day there. i don't know if i sent it to you, but that's really close to the same place where i got the pictures with the head hunter skulls... if you haven't seen those, ask chelsie. i sent some to her. and i'll be sending my SD card home soon because it's full.

Note from Dad: Whitney received these pictures from her pen pal, Elder Semana, who is featured in both pictures (holding the skulls from the head hunters in the Isle of Borneo, Sibu). So we tried to describe them to Jordan to get some info.
4. (Shot list, do you have it?) i don't know if i do, but i'll dig through my documents and see what i can find. i know i had to get tb and i took the typhoid pills.

5. (Are there any Micronesians in your area and do any of your natives drink Kava?) the only micronesian here is elder kunioka. he's only about 5'8" and he too likes to beat up on his companion... just kidding, i could take him. but the ibans do have a drink that they call "air tua(EYE-EAR TOO-AH)" which is rice whine. they get hammered on that stuff and do really stupid things... like give each other tattoos. whenever you see an iban with stick figure tattoos or some other dumb picture that looks like a 3 year old drew it, he's been getting down with the Tua.

oh yeah, i don't know if i ever told you this, but Orangutan is actually malay. but it's not pronounced like americans say it. Orang means person, and utan is short for hutan which means jungle. Jungle person! i was so pumped when i figured that out.

so, it's april already. i definitely didn't see that coming. that means that E. Kunioka only has 3 weeks left! it hasn't really hit him yet, which is good, because our area is on fire at the moment and the last thing we need is a trunky missionary. but he'll stick it out. i don't know if his parents emailed you back yet, but he said they did get your email. well, our hopes of elder palfreyman finishing here in KK aren't looking good. he was just made zone leader in singapore, and his companion goes home with e.Kunioka, so he probably isn't getting transferred. bummer, but it'll be exciting to see who my new companion will be.

anywho, the work is going really well and we'll have a baptism this week! right now we've got people set on date for every week in april. there's a lot a amazing things going on here. the Lord blesses you when you're willing to work.

i love you all,
elder troxel

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