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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crushed Dreams and Ruined Surprises


when i read the title of your email "3 down 1 to go," many things ran through my mind as i waited for what seemed like an eternity for the uber-slow internet to open the page... some of the things that ran through my head were, "oh man, michael's gotta be engaged!" (that would mean that 3 of the boys were married, and only 1 to go) or "what does '3 1 down to go' mean?" (dyslexia strikes again)... but alas, neither were true. but don't worry michael, keep hanging in there. it's coming soon, i can feel it.

i'm glad you all enjoyed conference... we don't get to see it for another two weeks, because it's not even broadcast here. they send the dvd's and it takes a couple of weeks. but thanks for ruining the surprise! just kidding, i already knew. i totally predicted that. another fun fact is that elder halstrom just got called to the presidency of the 70! he used to be in the asia area presidency. he's the one that came and did our mission tour in january. yeah, i've met him.

this week has been another fantastic one in the lords service. we've had some excellent appointments, one baptism last week, and we'll have two this saturday. PLUS, i just had some delicious indian food and it's sitting pretty in my huge gut right now :)

so i was sitting on the bus the other day. i'd been chatting with the person next to me (turns out he was muslim, so i couldn't even teach him anything), when i heard a strange sort of clucking noise. i thought it might have just been my imagination, or some sort of mechanical problem with the bus, so i just disregarded it. but then i heard it again, and even louder, so i decided i would try and figure out what it was. i turned around in my seat, and saw a man holding what looked like just an ordinary bag of rice sitting in one of the seats behind me. i looked at him, then back at the bag. then i saw something move in the bag, and looked back at the man to ask him what was in there. as we made eye contact, he smiled a mischievous smile and mouthed the word "ayam" (chicken) to me. i lost it. i thought it was so funny.

then last night we were on splits with two guys in our branch. when we were walking back to marina court to meet elder kunioka and the other member, kelvin and came to a place in the road where there was a ton of debris strewn across the road. we were both wondering what could have happened, when we looked up and saw a completely destroyed suv about 20 yards in front of us. we stood there for a few moments in shock, until we saw some people moving inside of it. we went over to see if everything was ok. the front end of the car was smashed in, and the passenger side was pretty hammered too. the driver's door was open, and he was standing outside and apparently uninjured. the guy in the passenger seat wasn't quite as lucky. his head was all bloody, and he had cuts all down his arm and hand. as we were trying to help him open his door, one of the three guys sitting in the back seat leaned forward and said in a slurred drunken voice, "ada alcohol sikit" which roughly translated means that they were drunk out of their minds. the driver, who seemed to be the least drunk said that they'd already called an ambulance and that they didn't need any help. we asked again, and it was evident that they really didn't want us to help, so we just kept on our way. they're just lucky that they only smashed a cement wall instead of someone else's car. morons.

anywho, you had some questions:

1. (I know the time is pretty much off, but do you get to see any of the conference sessions live? The priesthood session would be from 8-10AM Sunday morning your time.) no, i haven't gotten to see any of the sessions yet.

2. (Did you get a chance to watch the green bean video?) i just barely watched it. it didn't have any sound, but it was still hilarious.

3. (What does selama-lamanya mean?) selama-lamanya means forever

4. (Have you looked at your blog lately?) yeah, i'll usually take a look at it every week. it's so sweet. when you do a search for singapore mission, it must bring up the blog site, because there's been quite a few elders who have told me that their friends or family have seen the blog. but thank you scott for keeping it going.

i think that's everything... except for one more request. if at all possible, could you buy a new quad and have the name "Kelvin Alexsius" put in gold on the front. you can just take some money out of my account to buy it and ship it. the reason i want it is because this guy kelvin (who is amazing. i'll tell you his conversion story another time) helps us almost every day and is getting ready to go on a mission. he wants an english quad, but to order them from here they are about 200 ringgit. it would rock his world to get one, especially with his name on it. if you could do that for me, i would be eternally grateful, and i'm sure he would be also.

i love you all,
elder troxel

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