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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dust in the Wind

dear family,

thank you for the emails, i enjoyed them a lot. it's bad news that whitney is sick though. we've been hearing a ton about something called "swine flu" or "slime flu" or something like that. everyone keeps saying that it's a huge deal in the states, so i hope it's nothing to do with that. that wouldn't be any fun, especially if the name really is "slime flu." i can only imagine what that would entail. i sincerely hope it isn't mono, but if it is... GOOD WORK WHITNEY! just kidding, it had better not be. you just tell those creeps to keep their bibir jauh dari kamu!

work this week has been good, as always. Elder Tuckfield had been working on a training for awhile, and finally got to give it yesterday. it was about faith. i pretty much gave the same training when i was in sibu, but this one was tailored to fit the concerns here in kuching. mostly, the moral of the training was that we need to have more faith in what is possible in our areas. i thought it went extremely well, and i'm hoping we'll start to see some things change.

the crazy part of the week happened on monday. i live in an apartment with 3 other missionaries: my companion and the chinese elders- Elder Roberts and Elder Bickmore. Elder Bickmore has been having some health problems that probably shouldn't be mentioned in this email, seeing as there has always been a lack of editing before my emails are pasted on the blog... but needless to say, i do not envy him. he'd been to the doctor, and they'd given him some medicine that was supposed to take care of the problem. doctors in malaysia are just about as good as the mail service in malaysia, so it's no surprise that the medicine didn't have any effect. anywho, he called president on monday to talk with him about it. president told him not to worry about it, that he'd think it over and give him a call back later that night. well, i got a call from the assistants about 15 minutes later and they told me that they would be shipping him to singapore the next morning! he gave us a call last night and told us that he's 98% sure that he's going home for surgery! poor guy. you could tell that he was nervous to be getting the surgery, but he's excited to get to see his family and stuff. there's actually been 3 or four missionaries that have had to go home for similar reasons, but they always come back out after they recover, so i'm sure we'll see him again in a couple months. it was pretty wild though, in less than 24 hours, he went from being in kuching to having to go home! i don't know if i would be able to handle that. it would be extremely difficult. let's just hope i stay healthy! however, for about a week or more now, i've been having some pain in my shoulder, and it's slowly getting worse. it feels like it may be an issue with my rotator cuff, but i don't know. maybe i've just slept on it wrong every night for the last week. if it continues to get worse though, i may have to see somebody about it. i hope it isn't the slime flu. i don't know what the symptoms are.

mike christensen is getting married?! that is crazy lah! why do people do such things?

thank you Dad, Whitney, and Scott for devouring some spaghetti with clam sauce in my behalf. i won't soon forget it.

so sarah christensen's brother mike is coming here, is he? i actually used to be pretty good friends with him back in the day. that will be fun. September seems so far away, but what the freak, it's going to be May in two days! i don't even know what to think anymore. that is probably the most discouraging thing for me. it just goes too fast. Frost is home, and andrew will be going home in like 3 months! Jackson is already home, and Houston should be home soon if he isn't already. in speaking of Jackson, have you heard anything about him? he should have gotten home in january.

about SKYPE... we asked the assistants about it, and they asked president. SKYPE by itself is ok, but no webcams. that's a bummer, but if you can do it for free, i say we do it! i wouldn't do it in an internet cafe, because all you would hear would be crazy chinese kids playing warcraft shouting profanity in the background. the couples have it though, and they offered to let us use it. i'll tell Elder Young to do a search for you, and then you can just try and do a test call straight to them. that would be way cool, because then i could talk with everybody! (ps, have you asked chelsie if she wants to come?) i had an interesting bit of revelation as to what i may go into as a career. i won't tell you though, because i know mom probably wouldn't like it, but we'll just have to see how things work out if that's really what the Lord wants me to do. but it would be AWESOME!

yeah mom, you were right. there are a lot of things i don't tell you. A LOT. but man do i have some sweet stories to tell you when i get home! yippee!

i'm not surprised that the address i gave you didn't bring anything up on the map, but it will most definitely get the package here. we modified it a bit to make it more specific. i know it'll work because the other elders use the one that i gave you and they get packages all the time. if you look on the map for "Four Points Hotel" in kuching, it's near to there. or maybe you can just try "Village Grove Apartments" or perhaps "BDC" and look for some apartment buildings close to there.

um... i think that's it. i don't really have much more to say. but i love you all. tell everyone that i say hello.

love,elder troxel

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