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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy 15 Month Mark!!

dear family,

i'm a bit disappointed with the email this week, i must admit... only because you didn't tell me what's white and red and golden brown all over!!! come on, what is it? now i'm going to be thinking about that all week. what could possibly fit that description? a toasted marshmallow with strawberry sauce? a candy cane that has been accidentally dropped in the toilet? i don't know... michael's wedding colors???!!! if you could let me know next week, i'd much appreciate it.

anywho, i really did quite enjoy the email actually. it's crazy that you told me that Mark Erckebrack got baptized! i was actually thinking about that this week! i figured he would eventually, he's a good guy. and let me know if you hear from jackson.

this week was pretty good. elder tuckfield had to go to singapore on monday to be interviewed for a work permit there. it was kind of a surprise to me, but i guess he knew that he was getting one already. they don't get you a work permit unless you're going to be in singapore for an extended amount of time, and seeing as he was just transferred from singapore a couple of months ago, all evidence points towards him becoming assistant pretty soon. that's all just speculation though, but it's pretty obvious that is what's going to happen, it's just a matter of when. anywho, he left on monday morning, and that left me here alone, so i went out with elder young. it was really fun. the youngs are one of my favorite senior couples... and i didn't even have to ride a bike because he has a car! we went to a few appointments, and ran some errands that i needed to do, and even had a stop a pizza hut. oh man, it was delicious. elder tuckfield got back yesterday though, so it's back to business.

you asked about elder tuckfield though, so here is his bio:

Elder Bradford Tuckfield is from Austin Texas. He's about 6'3" and probably 215 or 220. he'd of been one heck of a defensive end, but not very coordinated the poor fellow. what he lacks in physical stamina he makes up for in brains and just all around awesomeness. he and i get along really well, so i'm pretty bummed that this is going to be another uber-short companionship. our personalities are pretty much the same; we both like to laugh about movies and talk about crazy deep doctrinal questions. he's big into broadway plays and so we get a kick out of singing showtunes and what not. his malay is uber good and mine is getting there. but yeah, i can't really think of anything else that you'd like to know about him... he snores like a mad man! i try to keep him up at night with as much pointless conversation as possible so that i can fall asleep before him because if i don't, it's always a long night. he's a stud though, and we're tearing it up here.

in reporting on monday, i talked with the elders mostly about setting baptism dates, because the number of people that are on date for baptism here is uber low, and a most of the elders here haven't set one with anybody for a couple of weeks. oh man, it's been crazy! i don't know what happened, but it's like a switch just flipped! everyone has set more, and some companionship's have doubled the number of investigators they have on date for baptism! i was so excited! and it's only wednesday! it looks and feels like things are starting to turn around, and everybody is getting a lot more excited. it's just fun to be a part of it.

so the work is going really well. we'll (elder tuckfield and I) will have our first baptism this friday. there will be two baptisms, one for a girl named Anastasia and also for a guy named Edwin. both are incredible and will be excellent members.

wait a minute... what was whitney doing downstairs ALONE with Taylor?! and who is this Taylor? i don't like him. Whitney, you're too young for that. that's something that i would do! well, not now of course, but before. ok, i'm putting my foot down. whitney is not allowed to date anyone until i get home and can give him my stamp of approval. sorry sis, but it has to be done. ;)

so i guess the call for next week is all worked out already. 9:30 in the morning here. this will be the 3rd time! can you believe that?! that means that the next call will just be to tell you things like what i want my first meal home to be, or what the first movie i want to watch is! (it's batman by the way, i already know). that means that i can call myself an old missionary after this call :)well, i think that's pretty much everything. i hope everyone is healthy and strong. keep reading your scriptures every day. don't get lazy. after all, it is a commandment. i love you all.

Elder Jordan Troxel

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Scott Troxel said...

BY THE WAY: Jordan does NOT get to choose his first movie. Scott get's to choose it, and the next, and the next. They must all three be watched in the same sitting, back-to-back-to-back! You better believe I'm going to mix in some really bad claymation and some mediocre humor. No good movies for the first week at least.

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