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Sunday, May 31, 2009


dear family,

don't worry, i'm not being apostate. since myldsmail was down for the last two days, we get to come read our emails today. i sent you an email on wednesday, so this one won't be very long...

i can't believe whitney graduates today! oh man. but don't worry sis, things after high school are SO much better and more fun. trust me. even though old friends and other people might move on, you'll meet a ton of new people. i'm proud of you girl! keep a stiff upper lip and don't be afraid. you've got a lot of big decisions ahead of you, but don't worry about anything. just make everything you do a matter of prayer. remember what it says in D&C 6:36 (and also on my missionary plaque), "look unto me in every thought. doubt not, fear not." you have got so much potential whitney! oh, the places you'll go! you're awesome. have a wonderful graduation and pardy hardy!

anywho, you had some questions that i would love to answer:

1. (Do you get reimbursed for all the money you spend?) not yet... but i'm really hoping that will happen soon. the new office couple is a little bit slow at getting things done, because they're still trying to get their feet under them. i think it will be this week though.

2. (You mentioned that you thought your companion will be an assistant soon. Has that happened yet?) once again, not yet. he won't go there until june 15 (but i'm not supposed to know that). i'm excited to know who my new companion will be. this summer will be nuts because there is a ton of leadership going home, and i'll then be one of the oldest zone leaders. it'll be fun to see what happens.

3. (How are things going with your zone? Are they catching the vision of what is truly possible?) things with the zone are ok. we came up with a sweet thing called the "July Jihad." a jihad is a religious war, or a crusade. we talked with our district leaders, and had them set district standards or goals for the next six weeks, leading up to july. if we accomplish all of the short term goals that we set, july will have an explosion of baptisms. the highest amount that this zone has had in one month for this year is 15. that's ok... not particularly good... but the goal is to at the very least double that number. we've only got 5 companionship's, so everyone is going to have to work really hard. but i'm excited for it.

so, everything is still going really well here. i hope everyone is still doing well. take pictures of whitney's graduation for me. i want to see her.

i love you all.
elder troxel

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