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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Packages Arrive!!

dear family,

whoa, so whitney is graduating from seminary is she? did i ever graduate from seminary? i don't remember it ever happening. i hope so. so whitney is coming up on her last week in high school, right? i'm with you mom, when did i get so old? good work though whitney.

so this week has been really busy with zone stuff. today and tomorrow are zone conference, and tonight we're having a mondo-Barbecue. it's going to be awesome, but it's been a pain in the bum to put together. mostly the pain in my bum is coming from ripping so much money out of my wallet to pay for things i think. it'll be awesome though.

so guess what! all of the packages arrived! i got the deodorant package last friday. then i got a call from someone in singapore that my package arrived there... THEN i got a call from KK saying that my easter package finally arrived there! i'll be lucky if that one ever reaches me, but it's good to know that it's feeding missionaries and that it arrived! so i think we're still at 100%. thank you very much for the deodorant and the beef jerky. it was delicious. the beef jerky... not the deodorant.

you said that whitney made a dress! apa hal-bah? since when could she make sweet stuff like that?! that's awesome! i want some pictures. i've recently learned how to make a hammock, and i'm three rows into 60 rows of an awesome king sized hammock. it'll be so sweet when i finish.

so, kind of funny story. we were teaching a family last night, and after we finished the lesson, we were just drinking some Milo with them and chatting it up, trying to get to know them better. anywho, somehow we got on the topic of who was going to get married first. they picked me, because they said that i was more handsome. haha, people here are so ruthlessly honest. if you're fat, they'll just come straight out and ask you why you are/how did you become so fat. so if i'm like that when i get home, forgive me, it's just my culture. they said that i wasn't sentimental though. apa hal? i'm sentimental, right?

anywho, i don't really have anymore updates. the work is awesome as always. the zone is doing well. thanks again for the packages. you're all awesome. i love you all.

elder troxel

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