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Sunday, January 24, 2010

21 is the age you said I could buy a motorcycle, right?

Note from Dad: sorry this is so late, We have been busy with remodeling the family room, before Jordan gets home. I will not let it happen again.

Dear Family,

This last week has been one of the rare weeks when I've spent all my time in Singapore. We're taking off for Malaysia later this morning and we'll be on the run for 10 days without coming back. I'm pretty much a nomad. I have no home. But it's really fun to get out and see everybody (I miss Elder Chua). I say that because I know that he reads the blog.

We're going around everywhere to give my last training! Dun dun dun! It's a good one though. We've already given it to the Singapore zone and I hope it was motivating for them. I don't know when/if I'll have time to email in the next ten days, but this might be it until then.

I've attached a calendar of all my activities up through March. In the month of March I've gone through and laid out some rough plans of what we'll do for that week. I've included flight numbers, but here is a more detailed list:

March 10: Singapore to Kuching- Air Asia flight AK 6674 at 10:40am. Cost = 78.00 SGD (USD 59.00)
March 12: Express boat from Kuching to Sibu at 8:30am (we'll buy tickets there)
March 13: Sibu to Bintulu- Malaysia Airlines flight MH3240 at 8:15am. Cost = MYR 270.00 (USD 80.92)
March 14: Bintulu to KL- Malaysia Airlines flight MH2743 at 2:30pm. Cost = MYR 724.00 (USD 216.00)
March 17: KL to Singapore- Malaysia Airlines flight MH611 at 9:25am. Cost = MYR 396.00 (USD 118.68)

Dad will need to get on to the Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia websites to reserve and pay for those tickets. If that won't work, let me know and we can figure something else out... And if Dad doesn't want to take the 4 hour express boat (which would be AWESOME) then we can fly to Sibu.

On the Malaysia Airlines website it'll probably have a spot to type in an "Enrich" number. It's for frequent flier miles. I don't really know what to do with the miles that I've racked up (it's not all that many) but maybe it can get us some discounts or something.

When we get to KL, I'd like to go to this place called Genting Highlands. It's a big theme park. I've never been there, but it sounds pretty sweet. You can check it out online and see if you're interested. As far as hotels go, I totally forgot about those. I'm not going to have time to get that worked out until the latter part of next week, but if we need it done ASAP you can probably just call Sister Carpenter.

It's going to be a blast. I'm really excited for Dad to get to see everything and everybody. Oh yeah, Kelvin got his mission call, but he's out of town so he hasn't opened it yet. I hope he comes to this mission, but the other two guys that just got their mission calls from his branch are both going out of the country. In fact, one of them is going to Washington DC. But it's south, not north. He's going to the Provo MTC in May, so I'm going to meet up with him when he gets into Salt Lake before he goes into the MTC.

The mission is doing extremely well right now. It's really exciting and I'm grateful to be able to see it and play a small role in this stellar work. It's epic.
Anywho, I've gotta run. Tell everybody that they're in my prayers (especially TJ and Kimberly). I love you all!

Elder Troxel

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