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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Woah Eye Knee

Dear Family,

What a week! It's been stellar! I believe the last time I wrote you we had just begun our mission tour with Elder Watson. That was EPIC! It was so cool to be able to be around him pretty much 24/7 for five or so days. Being around a General Authority just makes you realize how far away you are from perfection.

They live in Hong Kong though, so I told them I was going to be going there to the temple in March, and Sister Watson gave me some good information on Hotels and stuff. They couldn't remember off the top of their heads if they were going to be in town or not at that time, but if they are we might be able to see them. She's going to email the hotel info to Sister Clark, but she also said that you could email her. Just say that you are Elder Troxel's parents and you are wondering if had any tips on places to stay in Hong Kong.

On the tour, we had training meetings here is Singapore, KL, Sibu, and Miri. All of them were excellent, but Sibu's especially because we got to be there for the first ever Sibu district conference. Just on my mission, Sibu has gone from 1 branch to a district with 3 branches and 2 groups. That's so sweet. The church is growing so fast in East Malaysia! The conference that we had in Miri was with Sarawak North and Sabah zones. Both of those are close to my heart because I was a zone leader in both of them.

We have a tradition in our mission that all of the missionaries bear a "last testimony" at the end of their last zone conference. Well, I had mine there. It's funny, because every time you see somebody bear their last testimony, you think "man, that day will never come for me." But mine has come and past. It was cool, because I got to see all the missionaries who came out with me bear their last testimonies too as we went around.

In speaking of the church growing like crazy, the branch in Miri just split from one branch to two with a Chinese speaking group. I didn't even think to ask President Clark about the new leadership, but I just got an email from a man named Edwin telling me that he was called to be the new Branch President. I taught and baptized that guy about 8 months ago in Kuching! That's so sweet! Wow, I never would've thunk that he'd be a Branch President by now. That's such good news though.

He and I have a bet that I can't remember if I told you about or not; he has a goal to get sealed in the temple to his wife as soon as possible after he hits his one year mark, so I bet him that I would get married in the temple before he did. If I lose, then I owe him a package from America. I don't think I'm going to win this one, but you never know right?

Before I forget, Dad had some questions:

1. No, I don't have any adapters anymore... I haven't the foggiest as to where mine went, but you'll probably need to bring one.

2. You might want to bring a small amount of something like that, because the chances of getting the "cirit-birit" (diarrhea) are fairly high. It might get taken away by Malaysian customs though, but I'm not sure.

So yeah, looks like I'm going to BYU! I'm pretty pumped. I'd love to take a class with both Whitney and Chelsie, but I'm afraid they are both way to intelligent for my level. I was planning on starting slow with something like "Cursive 101" or "Times Tables for Dummies" classes. I haven't really looked closely at the details, but I hear that you can start registering for classes the first of February. Should I do it from here? I don't know, I'm new to this College nonsense.

Anywho, I've gotta run, but I love you all!

Elder Troxel

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